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About me

Brazilian Graphic Designer from Rio de Janeiro and currently based at São Paulo City, with 10+ years of experience in design.
At HandMade Design, I’ve created various digital products for brands such as Ambev, Volkswagen, Tembici, Via Varejo, Wine, Itaú Card, Conta Azul, among others.

Previously I worked at Huge as Interaction Designer, where I was part of the team designing solutions for BV Financeira and BPD (Banco Popular Dominicano).

Design is the best expression attempt an answer can give to a question.
This makes design the solution for any issue in the world, and designing these solutions with modernist inspiration is what I do for passion and for living.


Designing a well-thought and well-crafted experience to one of the largest bike sharing systems in Latin America, Bike Itaú.

Via Varejo

Redefining the point of sales experience at Casas Bahia and Pontofrio physical stores by Strategy and Product Design.

Vivara / Ambev / Volkswagem / Conta Azul / Wine / Catraca Livre / BPD – Banco Popular Dominicano / BV Financeira