Me, Igor Torres, Renata Dantas, Pedro Yarid, Mateus Iglesias, Marcela Albarelli, Fernando Rocha.


End-to-end role, from intangible to tangible phases – from research to the final solution.


Designing a well-thought and well-crafted experience to one of the largest bike sharing systems in Latin America, Bike Itaú.

01 • Research

Discovering and understanding opportunities for improvement.
Profiling the main user clusters and their challenges, throughout the use of the Bike Itaú service and its competitors.

Data Analysis

Numbers and types of users, mobility locations, usage time, location docks, distribution and logistics of Bikes, and so on.

User Observations

Guerrilla Method to understand natural behavior, and recruited users to perform structured tasks.

Qualitative Research

Rio and São Paulo, with +70 users, in a structured way, through guerrillas and recruited users.


Use of national competitors, study of global competitors, study of analog markets with similar solutions (eg architecture, automotive, public transport), communication.


Structured guerrilla method, structured tests with recruited users, and natural behavior testing.

02 • Learnings

The main use cases are divided into Sporadic and Recurrent.



He is experiencing a service that has no pre-established usage patterns.
This profile meets several barriers until you can use the product.
For him, it is necessary to facilitate the first use and deliver the information to use in context.


Usually with friends, use for leisure and travel without commitment to a routine.
But it takes a lot of effort to release group bikes, and the lack of return Docks.
For him, it is necessary to facilitate the unlocking of multiple bikes; assist on the coverage areas of Docks; and inform more clearly about the usage time.



Usually use in transportation to work, gym, course. This profile tends to have more commitment to use.
Because these are many interactions in a short time, it is even more essential that everything be optimized, making the most of time.


It has been replacing all types of transport with the bike.
But it is also the most critical, as it meets the problem of all other profiles.

Experience Line
03 • Solutions

The complexity and particularity of profiles, understood and expressed in a few but better forms.
Our bike sharing solutions are born.

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